Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Shit: Colleges

Click the fucking picture.


  1. whoreburger (I really deserve that name sometimes)April 8, 2011 at 11:13 AM

    That awkward moment when I realize your name is Jackeline...

    Also ; sorry to hear that man, but at least you have one to lean on in any case (yeah that's the worse thing you could POSSIBLY read, who needs faggots that tell you HEY IT COULD BE WORSE, yo dumbass I have a suggestion for you, GO FUCK YOURSELF?)

  2. yyyeahh well... I really fell in love with the campuses of William & Mary and especially UVA, but the fact is if I'm a slacker now maybe I just would've been a slacker there, too... But the fact that I never got that chance to prove myself is still disappointing. (Plus a personal rival goes to one of those schools and let's face it: my ego wants nothing more than to say "YEAH, I GO TO _insert pretentious school_! SUCK IT, INFADEL)

    and GMU, while it does seem like a fine school, is /ridiculously/ close to my home (like I pass it everyday) so it doesn't feel like I'm changing scenery at all, and that thought depresses me, I mean when you think of going off to college you think of being independent and discovering a new place and yourself and ectectetec, and well... this is just lame. Also, THEY DON'T HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM, WTF KIND OF COLLEGE DOESN'T HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM, YOU ARE NOT AMERICAN, WHAT THE BALLS

    but yeah... like it or not, that's where I'm going coz that's my only option. What a failure I feel like. I said I wouldn't get too hung up on this shit (life is a roadtrip! yadda yadda!) but damn.

    Anyways thanks, man. I guess I brought this on myself, and a just "good" school is still shitloads better than no school

  3. YO BRO§§ just cos twitter is too small, and I'll answer your note next week when my girlfriend comes back home , cos I'll be busy experimenting on the billiard this week, and SO HUM, I HAD to tell you;

    I freakin love the music you've been posting on your tumblr lately.
    I love Metric, I love that song you made me discover, The bird and the bee?
    Also I love that Lady Gaga version. Did you know I only like her acoustic versions? I can only play a few on piano, like Hey hey, Bad Romance, Poker Face and Born this way, all in acoustic versions, and that's the only way they sound cool to me. Well playing Born this way made me kinda like the electro version, but I'm still not very fond of it.
    Though I know how much you love boom box and stuff, so that Hey hey version is pretty nice yea!

    AHH ALSO I WAS SAD I FORGOT TO TELL YOU HOW COOL YOUR "LIVING LIKE A BUG AIN'T EASY" VERSION WAS TOO! So you put the video and I got to listen to it, but really you made it sound even funnier with your guitar, hahaha just like every song you record, I had been listening to it a good thousands times I guess... It's fantastic!

    Oh and don't worry if I don't get all the references for your Oh Katleen song, it's almost even funnier this way. No seriously, that's already hilarious, so I believe that if I did know the events it's refering to, I'd just laugh too hard and not focus on the song which is sad and bad.

    Eager to see the music video and other stuff coming anyways ;D
    (...too lazy to read again what I wrote, if there's a grammatical mistake well SUCK IT ♥)

  4. Ahhh you make me so happy <3 hey don't worry about the note, but what has been wiiith you and the billiards lately? YOU GONNA BE A PRO POOL PLAYER DAWG, MAKE LOTSA MONEY, BANG EVERY BITCH? AWWWyuss

    Yeah man I been feeling so musical lately hahaha, and would you believe? That Oh Kathleen song has been getting passed around a little bit at school and people actually think I like... have a nice voice and stuff. Like one kid even asked my friend if I do singing professionally - well he's a little out of his mind then, but still! You know I'm insecure about singing and stuff but lately I just haven't even been giving a f u c k so that's workin' out for me.

    we'll talk more laterr heart heart yeah whatever


    Nice way to begin a message right, but yeah seriously, that's fucking great man! I still have your songs on my cellphone too and sometimes when it plays them randomly I'm really delighted. Whore you know that.

    right then! ♥
    have one cos I'm not afraid of SHOWING MY LOVE
    (I hope that sounded just as douchey as I planned to)